Project Management Services

In the recent period in Construction sector and especially in construction projects, the Project Management Services which are accepted as a prominent necessity, both in Turkey and in World market, enclose the administration works that is required for the accurate, fast and economical construction of projects which are incomplete as execution drawings wise. This scope should be performed by people who focus on the method of either constituting the whole or a part of the work by using the information and talent which are gained by specific education and experience.

The construction is realized by the involvement of more than one participant and each of these parties may serve for more than one function. The main participants of the construction projects are the investors-the employers, the project groups, the construction administrators (The project management teams) and the contractors.

These responsibilities shall be processed respectively as below listed order;

Budget planning,
The preparation, updating and tracking of Master Work schedule,
The determination of project groups and performing feasibility studies,
Improving work quality through selecting the appropriate construction techniques during the design process, therefore expediting the construction process to the financial benefit of the client,
The perform design evaluation by considering up to date standards and legal regulations,
Verifying quantities, BOQ lists and specifications, examining the contracts and comparing them to BOQ lists that were proposed with the project, including preparation of these documents if these studies are missing and not available.
Determination of the most economical construction method by splitting the work into components according to the function and extent of the work.
Determination of the firms that will be able to comply with the contract requirements. Preparing a list of potential firms to be proposed to the client.
Preparation and distribution of the tender documents to the companies and evaluating proposals received from bidders.
Initiation of the project in accordance with the client’s selection of firms following the tender phase.
Preparation and track of Construction Work program
Providing all information flow and coordination between contractors and project teams.
Being responsible for the quality of the work flow and production expenses.
Informing and updating the client about the development of the project through monthly reports.
At the end of the project, depending on the client’s request, termination of the project through temporary acceptances or final acceptances