Project Services

Project services are taken on two basis sections.
Preparation of design, preliminary and execution drawings,
Preparation of execution drawings set for projects which have been completed in design and preliminary stage wise,

It is upto employer either to evaluate both of the scopes together or individually.

At the design stage, a series of process facilitity is tracked such as the formation of function schemes by taking the employer’s requirements in consideration, the constitution of general layout plan drawings and the study of facade sketchs including the clarification of material selections. Any of the stages at the process can be evaluated individually or as a whole study according to the employer’s decision.

At the stage of preparing the execution drawings, it can be the case to constitute the all application detailed drawings set of a preliminary design which may either be designed by our firm or some other design group.

The general titles of Architectural Project Services can be indicated as below;
Initial and concept design,
Preliminary design,
Execution drawings,
Technical specifications & Bill of Quantites including the area calculations
As-built project,

The Engineering Project Services which can be stated as a section of our project facility scope, also indicates the projects that we serve as statical, mechanical and electrical diciplines with our solution partners.