ALAN believes lives are interconnected and uses architectural approaches as a means to beautify the social life.

Innovative designs and utilization of high quality materials on interior and exterior spaces of buildings aim to lower the costs and to increase the performance in the long run. It aims to increase the number of Green Building certified buildings in order to support renewable life and correct use of resources by optimizing the performance of energy, water and materials.

For this purpose, our company provides consulting services not only for new buildings to be designed, but also for existing buildings to be renovated in order to increase their energy efficiency.


We provide Green Building consulting services in accordance with internationally accepted and valid evaluation systems for building healthier, more environment-friendly and more economical than conventional buildings; and for sustainable design, construction and operational criteria city wide.

Projects developed at global quality levels and standards are the leading ones both in terms of environment protection and the increase of efficiency during the process of their design, construction and use.

Sustainable buildings designed by using science and technology will be indispensable for this industry and a perfect choice for those who select living spaces, because ‘healthy environment, healthy communities, happy tomorrows’ is the new awareness adopted in the worldwide in the present.